AI driven video processing startup Toch ai launches a Rs. 100 crores startup fund

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This startup is building an AI-driven platform for finding freelance contractors, similar to Upwork or Freelancer. Zymergen uses machine learning, automation and genomics to accelerate the advancement of science. Spanning the agriculture, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, the company enables faster cultivation of microbes through automation software and a huge catalog of physical and digital DNA data. Vidado pulls data from virtually any channel, including handwritten documents. It supports paper to digital workflow speeds and accuracy for insurance, pharmaceutical and financial services companies.

Join Total Telecom as we recognise world class startups – Total Telecom

Join Total Telecom as we recognise world class startups.

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AI-powered SEO recommendations and insights that can guide your entire content creation team and your entire content creation process. You’ll be able to see how the main pages of a company’s website change over time, which in turn reveals insights about their content marketing strategy, targeting, and messaging. In this post, we show you how, based on years of experience researching and using AI for content marketing.


Tiddall — Using data science, machine learning and AI to discover individuals weight loss secrets. Bunny AI — Next generation marketplace for local on demand solutions and is all-in-one platform for small businesses in the age of digital aidriven audio startup gives to nomads. On the other end of the real estate spectrum, Localize also works with realtors and brokerages. While buyers can use the platform for free, agents pay a subscription fee for access to the system and the technology.

The result is an AI-powered Content Strategy Platform that automates content audits, topic research, the creation of data-driven content briefs, content promotion, and tracking content marketing performance. Overall, it’s just a smarter way to do content creation and content strategy. The music industry islearning a new rhythmthrough the instrument of artificial intelligence. AI is revolutionizing insights and business strategies and fine-tuning the way we work, connect, learn, and play around the world. Expected to become a$70 billion market by 2020, AI is shifting traditional practices to more sustainable digital spheres.

Artificial Intelligence Startups in Prague

The most well-funded of these competitors is Ada Support, a Toronto-based startup that has raised close to $200 million from blue-chip venture capitalists. Ada powers automated interactions for enterprises in customer support and sales across text-based channels including web chat, SMS, and social media, intelligently looping in a human agent when needed. The company claims its technology can reduce customer wait times by 98%. With a long list of marquee clients including Zoom, Shopify, Verizon and Facebook, Ada powers over one billion customer interactions annually.

  • AI is revolutionizing insights and business strategies and fine-tuning the way we work, connect, learn, and play around the world.
  • Kadho developed, a revolutionary technology in children’s embedded automatic speech recognition and Edge-AI.
  • In a different corner of the healthcare universe, Infinitus is another fast-growing startup to keep an eye on.

The first newspaper in Ireland, it was also one of the first 30 newspapers in the world to have an online presence in 1994. As the foreshadowing of an economic downturn intensifies, startup founders are feeling renewed focus, and pressure from VCs to extend runway and double down on serving and scaling up customer count. Growth at all costs is being replaced by cost-cutting for many startups right now. Sanas is a software development company that assists multilingual speakers to deliver clear communication through accent correction. A platform for running and publishing community-driven events, such as hackathons and meetups. A system for managing and tracking IT systems for distributed teams, using an event-driven approach.

Can Google Detect AI Content Generation?

Notwithstanding earlier false starts, chatbots today have begun to gain real market adoption, thanks to improvements in the underlying NLP as well as in companies’ understanding of how to best productize and deploy these bots. The most widely used AI-powered language translation service in the world is Google Translate. Unsurprisingly, given that it is the birthplace of the transformer and the most advanced AI organization in the world, Google has incorporated the latest NLP technologies to vastly upgrade its Translate service in recent years. Textio, LitLingo, and Writer are three newer entrants using next-generation language AI to build advanced Grammarly-like solutions for more targeted use cases.

  • This novel paradigm for AI-augmented writing is already starting to become a reality, driven forward by a handful of interesting startups.
  • Instoried said its AI can also predict how a particular content would drive brand recall, lift sales, and the purchase intent of consumers.
  • Its LiDAR technology focuses on the most important information in a vehicle’s sightline such as people, other cars and animals, while putting less emphasis on things like the sky, buildings and surrounding vegetation.
  • Aircover, which raised a seed round last year, and Wingman, which came out of Y Combinator in 2019, are two examples.

These algorithms help medical professionals detect high-risk patients earlier and manage growing workloads with more accurate outcomes. The company’s drug discovery engine contains millions of samples for finding disease identifiers. Academic institutions, pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies use Insilico.

AI-driven Data Could Be The Music Industry’s Best Marketing Instrument

In just one click connect to all of your content, import data from your website, databases, documents and CRM. AI Engine does not get tired or sick, it is always there to answer your customers’ questions, no matter what the situation is. MetaDialog`s AI Engine transforms large amounts of textual data into a knowledge base, and handles any conversation better than a human could do. Jimmy’s, a beverage startup, aims to make Rs 100 crore in revenue by FY24 …

Replicant is one promising startup applying voice AI to automate contact center agent activity, reducing wait times for customers and cutting costs for companies. Replicant spun out of Atomic, the high-profile startup studio that has produced companies like Hims and OpenStore. Given the size of the market, plenty of smaller startups have emerged with similar AI-driven product offerings. There are few applications of language AI that can more directly affect a company’s top line. Not surprisingly, therefore, the market for sales intelligence AI is booming.